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This book is dedicated to 24-year-old Harun Abu Aram, who was shot through the neck at close range by an Israeli soldier on 1 January 2021. Harun had been trying to prevent the occupation forces from confiscating an electricity generator in his village of Ar-Rakeez in Yatta, South Hebron Hills. As villagers tried to rush Harun to hospital, a soldier shot another bullet through the car's tyre, preventing the vehicle from leaving. Harun was left paralysed and fighting for his life in hospital. Harun's own home had been demolished on 25 November 2020 in a wave of demolitions in the Yatta area which saw 17 people lose their homes in one day. The Israeli occupation used JCB and Caterpillar bulldozers to carry out the destruction.


Cover photo: A Palestinian woman confronts Israeli soldiers during a demonstration against home demolitions in Ar-Rakeez on 8 January, 2021, as protesters marched towards the Avigail outpost, one week after Harun was shot in the neck. Photo by Keren Manor, Active Stills.

Resisting Demolitions in Palestine 2021 update
By Eliza Egret & Tom Anderson
Design by Eliza Egret
April 2021

This ebook is a Corporate Occupation project. Our aim is to track corporate complicity in Israeli colonisation, militarism and apartheid, and to provide information-for-action for grassroots activists to use in their campaigns. Corporate Occupation is run by researchers from Shoal Collective, a cooperative which produces news articles, investigations, analysis and research as a contribution to, and a resource for, movements that are attempting to bring about social and political change.

Our research work has been supported by the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions UK (ICAHD UK). ICAHD works to resist the occupation, with a focus on Israel's policy of demolishing Palestinian homes. We are very grateful to our supporters, to ICAHD and to local Palestine Solidarity Campaign groups for providing us with funding to do this research, and to Active Stills for providing us with photographs. We are also thankful to people on the ground in Palestine, who constantly film and photograph bulldozers tearing down people's houses. Without their first-hand footage, this research project would not have been possible.

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