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With Uri Agnon, Atalya Ben-Abba, and Haggai Matar


Critical young Israelis from the left describe what motivated them to refuse to serve in the Israeli army and the consequences following this decision. Learn about their current activism and efforts to reach out to their peers and others within Israeli society. Additional discussion follow about their choice of profession, their views on the forthcoming Israeli election, their vision for the future and how they think a more inclusive and just society can be achieved.

Uri Agnon is an activist from Jerusalem. In 2008, he refused to serve in the Israeli army. Uri is a composer and writer who is currently based in London. At present he is writing his PhD in composition on different strategies and practices of political music-theatre, under the University of Southampton.

Atalya Ben-Abba was born in 1997 and is from Jerusalem. She refused Israeli military service in 2017 and her story is featured in the film Objector. Atalya is a student at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where she is studying philosophy, anthropology, and sociology.

Haggai Matar is from Tel Aviv. He was sentenced to prison in 2004 when he refused to serve in the Israeli army. The judge from his trial described him as a threat to the survival of the state of Israel. Haggai is an award-winning journalist and the Executive Director of +972.

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