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Resisting demolitions outside Palestine - 17 November 2021

Sharen Green – Protecting Palestinian Families
Annie O’Gara - Stop the JNF
Hilary Smith – Boycott Israel Network
Martin Kemp – UK Palestine Mental Health Network
Linda Ramsden – ICAHD UK

During this webinar updates were received from some of ICAHD UK’s partners. Hear about growth of the BDS movement, silence from the National Society of the Protection of Palestinian Children and JCB, the new focus on British Park and the three Palestinian villages demolished for its establishment, how some organisations are being challenged by their professional bodies for raising the Palestine issue and more.

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ICAHD UK Webinar – No more Status Quo: End Israeli demolitions and Displacement Now - 23 June 2021

Annie O’Gara and Sharen Green: Stop the JNF and Protecting Palestinian families
Hilary Smith: Boycott Israel Network and Sheffield PSC
Tom Anderson:
Stop the Demolitions
Teresa Bailey: UK Palestine Mental Health Network
Linda Ramsden: Director ICAHD UK

Chair: Dr Monica Wusteman, ICAHD UK

This was the third in our series of webinars in which we joined with our partner organisations to present progress in our campaigns against house demolitions and the displacement of the Palestinian people from their land.

Since 1947 more than 130, 000 Palestinian homes have been demolished in Israel and the OPTs. In 2020 alone, 865 demolitions displaced 1014 people from their homes and this year so far sees no let-up in this particularly cruel form of oppression committed by the state of Israel against the Palestinian people.

In the weeks prior to the webinar, a series of events seemed to have brought about a distinct shift in the climate of opinion on Israel’s actions in the media and elsewhere. The focus on its apartheid regime in the recent Human Rights Watch report, the mob violence by right wing extremists in East Jerusalem followed by the bombings in Gaza all, once again, brought Israel’s crimes in to the spotlight but, unlike before, there seemed now to be an increased willingness to expose and condemn them. Since world governments still firmly stand with Israel, this change in mood must be because of increasingly effective pressure from civil society and the efforts of activists like ourselves- a fact which will spur us on to find ways of expanding our campaigning capability and devising ways of working even more effectively together  Read more...

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Resisting Demolitions from Outside Palestine (Part 2) - 11 November 2020

Hilary Smith, Sheffield PSC, Stop the Demolitions
Tom Anderson, Shoal Collective/Corporate Watch, Stop the Demolitions
Annie O’Gara, Sheffield PSC, Protecting Palestinian Families, Stop the JNF
Sharen Green, Protecting Palestinian Families, ICAHD UK
Dr Monica Wusteman, ICAHD UK

This ICAHD webinar built on the previous one (see below).  As was clear in the first ICAHD UK webinar, there are complementary strands to this campaign: work with JCB dealerships and with the NSPCC, a recipient of JCB donations. This webinar give updates and explore practical suggestions for your involvement.

Between the two webinars on action that can be taken from outside Palestine, there have been noteworthy developments, including progress in the formal complaint lodged by Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights – we will highlight these.

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Resisting Israel’s Demolitions from Outside Palestine (Part 1) - 26 September 2020

Tom Anderson and Hilary SmithStop the Demolitions Campaign
Annie O'Gara, NSPCC Coalition
Huda Ammori, Manchester University
Reem Mohammed, Sheffield Hallam University
Dr Monica Wusteman, ICAHD UK

As Palestinians in the West Bank face the guns of the Israeli military, they have little power to resist the demolition of their homes. But there are actions that international solidarity movements can take against the companies that manufacture the bulldozers. 

Attend this webinar that will focus on demolitions carried out by British company JCB and Caterpillar and the collective punishment inflicted on Palestinians. Hear case studies about JCB machines that rolled into the Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar in 2018 and Wadi al Hummus in 2019. JCB manufactures both civil and military bulldozers, which are used by the Israeli police, military, and Civil Administration to demolish Palestinian property. They are also used in the construction of checkpoints, roadblocks, Israel’s illegal settlements and to expand Israel’s apartheid wall in the West Bank.  JCB is listed by the United Nations as one of the international companies involved in Israel’s illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestine Territory. Read more...

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