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Wednesday, 22 July 5 – 6.15pm (UK)  7-8.15pm (Jerusalem)


Demolitions have spiked in recent weeks and it is important to understand what it behind Israel’s demolition policy which has resulted in around 55,000 Palestinian homes and structures vital for living being demolitions in the Occupied Palestine Territory of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza, since 1967.

During the webinar, there is special focus on what is happening in the Jordan Valley. Learn about this strategic location which borders on Jordan and with its rich soil and climate it has been known as the breadbasket of Palestine. However, since 1967 the situation in the Jordan Valley has been serious because Israel’s de facto annexation began then. Where once 300,000 Palestinians lived, they have been reduced to around 60,000 with the Israeli government’s military occupation controlling every aspect of their lives. Not only are Palestinian homes being demolished but so are their animal structures and water pipes. They are scared about what the future holds for them.

Jeff Halper is the Co-Founder and Director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. Jeff is an anthropologist, academic, author, strategist and he is on the steering group of the One Democratic State Campaign. Jeff is also an activist who has protested the demolition of Palestinian homes by standing in front of Israeli bulldozers and chaining himself to Palestinian homes and for this and other activities he’s been arrested and gone to jail.

Rashed Khudairy comes from a family that originates from Bardala. Rashed is the Coordinator of Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign, a grassroot network of community groups protecting Palestinian existence in the Jordan Valley where the demolition of homes, animal structures and water pipes is an almost daily occurrence.

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