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The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions – UK views with great concern Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’s recent statement accusing Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn of antisemitism and saying his comments are comparable to those of racist politician Enoch Powell. It is unfortunate that Rabbi Sacks did not consider the implication of those false accusations on the Jewish community he purports to represent – which is already split and divided on the subject of Israel’s conduct and on its members political affiliations. He chose to hop on the Zionist and right wing bandwagon of attempting to smear and weaken pro-Palestinian voices.


The fallacy of conflating criticism of Israel with anti semitism is not new but it has now been harnessed for a single goal – that of silencing the Palestinian voice and  that of politicians such as Corbyn who oppose the injustice meted out to Palestinians’


Attempting to suffocate criticism of Israel at a time when Netanyahu’s Government celebrates the passing of the notorious and overtly racist Nationality Law  – and launches an unprecedented attack against its own Palestinian citizens and Jewish human right activists in and outside Israel – is no less than dangerous. It is dangerous to Israelis, to Palestinians, and in fact to Jews in the UK, and in Europe.

Sack’s knows perfectly well the distinction between Zionism and Judaism – not all Jews are Zionists and many Zionists are Christian – but he also knows that very many people do not. By confusing the two, he attempts to falsely smear Corbyn as anti semitic. Sacks is joining the Israel lobby by crying wolf irresponsibly. He should apologise with immediate effect. His lashing out puts an end to any pretension that he is able or entitled to represent the Jewish community in this country.


The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions – UK – Executive Committee.

28 August 2018