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ICAHD UK IS delighted to introduce two fantastic newcomers to our confernce line up: Beduin rights activist Khalkil Alamour and comedian Sameena Zehra. We can’t wait to introduce those two engaging, articulate and fascinating participants to our supporters and confernce goers.

 Khalil Alamour, a teacher, a lawyer co-director of the Alhuquq Center and a relentless activist for justice in the Negev will update on the latest at Un Al Hirran, where demolition orders now pushed more and more inhabitants to sign consent forms and leave their homes and move to a township provided by Israel.

(Photo by Steve Best)

Sameena Zehra is the winner of the Outstanding Performer award in New Zealand Fringe 2017. She has ‘…the political heart of Bill Hicks… a show that’s brave, funny, fiery and true’ (Herald, Scotland). She ‘…combines warmth with political passion.’ (**** Scotsgay); She is ‘…ballsy, intelligent, searing…the best show of the fringe.’ (Radio Adelaide) – and she agreed to share her wit with us as our closing act.



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From Constructing Homes to Constructing One-State


Saturday, 19th May 2018  11.45 – 17.15

Amnesty International Human Rights Centre, New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EA

Fee: General Public £30, Members £25, Unwaged £15

Fee includes welcome refreshments, information pack and lunch


The two-state formula in Palestine is dead and buried under Israel’s “matrix of control. Israel continues to act with impunity and the international community is not holding it to account. Palestinians and Israelis have joined together to form the One Democratic State Campaign seeking to pave a viable way forward.  However, with obstacles and difficulties that impede engagement, how can Palestinians and Israelis come together for a one-state solution? Israelis live in a militarized society where their Arab “neighbours” are demonised so how can their views of Palestinians change? How can the Palestinians who have lived under a brutal military occupation live in one-state with their oppressor?




Dr Jeff Halper, Co-Founder & Director of ICAHD (Jerusalem), Professor of Anthropology, activist & analyst, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee; author of An Israeli in Palestine, War Against the People & Obstacles to Peace

Dr Nadia Nasser Najjab, Research Fellow, Exeter University formerly at Birzeit University.

Khalil Alamour A teacher, a lawyer and an activist for Bedouin rights in the Negev.

Daphna Baram, Director, ICAHD UK, journalist, author of Disenchantment: The Guardian and Israel.

L. Ramsden, Founder, ICAHD UK.

Sameena Zehra, comedian and story teller.



  At this conference you will:

  • Hear about the growing movement in support of the One Democratic State Campaign following the joint call from Israelis and Palestinians and what governance could look like
  • Learn about the challenges that must be addressed for living in one-state with violent history overshadowing the two peoples.
  • Be updated on Israel’s continuing demolitions and the displacement of Palestinians from their homes on both sides of the Green Line.
  • Get informed about our engagement on the ground. Hear from participants of in-depth study tours in both the Occupied Palestine Territory and Israel
  • Invest in a community centre that will be made with eco-friendly mud bricks to benefit 13 communities struggling to remain in their the Jordan Valley.
  • Sign-up to participate in ICAHD’s Camp, 21 – 31 October 2018. Spend three days in the Jordan Valley to construct the community centre; relocate to a village in the West Bank to help with the olive harvest; lastly transfer to Bethlehem for the education programme in the West Bank and Israel. The Camp is being coordinated with Rabbi Arik Ascherman from Torat Tzedek and the Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign.
  • Receive free and saleable resources for campaigning