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Today there has been much exciting progression. The house is starting to look and feel ready, in preparation for Sunday’s dedication ceremony when the keys will be handed over to the new family so they can move in and make it their home.
We were joined by two delegations from Ramallah – some researchers following the Association of Critical Geographers conference, alongside some US educators and teachers from ‘Yes We Can’, a project from the Friends School in Ramallah. It was great to hear their story!


Take a look at the photos – see the progress, including the inside. We were thrilled that Maya Wind and Eran Efrati from ICAHD US joined in the work.


The mounds of rocks have finally been flattened, creating fertile soil beds ready for planting some fruit trees tomorrow. Iron bars were added to the stone wall to hold it in place, and internally we continued painting in each room. A tiled pathway was laid up to the front door. Tomorrow the painting will be completed and we continue with the final touches.