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19th July 2015



The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) has launched its thirteenth

annual Rebuilding Camp on Sunday, 19 July, 2015. Twenty-four volunteers from

around the world are joining with Palestinians and Israelis to rebuild a home for an

impoverished family of 14 in the West Bank town of Anata that the Israeli Civil

Administration forced them to demolish with their own hands.


Surrounding the former family home in Anata is an Israeli military base with two army

surveillance towers watching over them day and night. Also in this area the Israeli

authorities have issued no less than 21 demolition orders to Palestinian homes and

many families fear the imminent arrival of the bulldozer.


Since 1997 ICAHD has been raising awareness around the world about Israel’s policy of

house demolitions that is tended to drive Palestinians off their land. More than 46,000

Palestinian homes gave been demolished in the Occupied Territory since 1967 – more than

120,000 in the entire country since 1948. This policy coincides with a settlement policy which

is preparing the way for the annexation of 60% of the West Bank and to further “judaize”

East Jerusalem.


Since its founding, ICAHD has rebuilt 187 homes as political acts of resistance to the

occupation. In addition to this 188th rebuilding, volunteers will also be constructing a much-

needed shelter for a community in the Jordan Valley as ICAHD highlights those demolitions

and the current threat of displacement of the Bedouin communities.


While we rebuild in Anata, we stand in solidarity with our comrades gathering in support of

the Palestinian community of Susya in the southern West Bank, 40 of whose “illegal” homes

are slated for demolition in the next day or two.


We will be sharing our story in daily blog updates via, however for

press contact, interviews, or further information including site visits to the rebuilding

camp, please contact: Jeff Halper: 054-303-9170 or Linda Ramsden: 054 785 6852

Donations are always welcome. Just press the Paypal button on the ICAHD website.