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A Methodist gathering in York

Our member and former conference speaker, Stephen Leah, has alerted us about an online survey that has been launched in response to a motion passed during the July 2013 Methodist Conference. The motion requests the production of a briefing on the arguments for and against the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement. We believe that ICAHD UK members are able to make an informed response to the questions included in the survey; therefore we encourage you to please participate.

Read more here and follow link to the online survey

The Methodist Church would be the first Church in England to make BDS official policy for its members. Thanks to the diligent advocacy of Stephen Leah and others, the Methodists have already led the way among Churches in England by passing a motion at Methodist Conference in July 2012 to support Christian Aid’s call for legislation to ban the import of goods to the UK from illegal Israeli settlements.

You may remember that in January 2005 ICAHD was among the first to call for BDS until the Occupation ends, because nothing else has worked and BDS is a powerful non-violent way to call Israel to account for it’s ongoing violation of international law. The survey ends on 4th November so we encourage you to please respond before then and please alert others to this important petition.