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At ICAHD UK’s conference on Saturday and in an interview in this week’s New Internationalist by Frank Barat, Coordinator of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, Jeff Halper has stated that ‘Israel’s gone way beyond apartheid’.

The ICAHD Director suggests that Palestinians have reached such a point of despair that Israel have won their sought after territorial domination and that now the state of Israel extends effectively from the Mediteranean to the Jordan river. He illustrates this victory starkly with the example that when Netanyahu had a meeting with President Obama recently, Palestine or Palestinians were not mentioned once.

Halper talks of the importance of chosen words in any analysis of the Israel-Palestine situaion. He says that Israel’s domination and ethnic cleansing of the Jordan Valley and other Area C parts of the West Bank have gone beyond apartheid and are best expressed by the words judaisation, which the Israelis themselves sometimes use, and Halper’s preferred term warehousing, one which he coined for the cooping up of Palestinians into small population areas.

Read the New Internationalist interview here.