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…….and he will come and give you a show in your home town, if you desire.

The _Benefit for Palestinea at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival was a huge success, with proceeds going to ICAHD UK. Facilitated by the Hampstead Comedy Club and compered by Ivor Dembina, it raised just under u1500 including ticket sales and donations collected on the day.

Ivor Dembina was able to attract award-winning stand-up comedians Daniel Kitson and Josie Long as well as Mark Thomas, whoas _Extreme Rambling: Walking the Walla show was shortlisted for the Amnesty Freedom Award, for performances carrying a human rights message at the Festival.

Dembinaas hit solo act, _This is Not a Subject for Comedya about Israel, Palestine and Jews was performed at the ICAHD UK conference in March. In it he describes his journey as a Jew growing up in North London through to travelling to Jenin in the West Bank at the invitation of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), where he resolved to write _the joke that will end the Middle East crisis_. However it is his experience growing up Jewish and becoming socially aware that drives the show.

It has been performed in the USA, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory and although performances began in 2004, its message is still as relevant and engaging as when it was first written.

ICAHD UK commends _This is Not a Subject for Comedya and would like to suggest that our supporters consider getting Ivor Dembina to your town to put on the show. Ivoras basic expenses need to be covered but he is eager to help raise awareness of the issue to new audiences and as an accomplished Jewish comedian he is well-placed to do this. Contact if you are interested in pursuing the possibility of a show where you live.