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The advert, as it appears on buses, etc - read below

Commuters using the public transport system at California stations in Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco and also on a cable car, will see Israeli Jeff Halper and Palestinian Salim Shawamreh in adverts urging an end to United States military aid to Israel, to be cut off for the sake of peace and justice.

Jeff is pictured with granddaughter, Zohar, and Salim with grandson, Hareth, in the ad which is part of a year-long campaign to end Americais $3 million of military aid sent to Israel annually.

“Israel is one the wealthiest countries in the world. American aid encourages its violation of international law and moral conventions and creates serious problems for us around the world,” said Hassan Fouda, a member of Northern California Friends of Sabeel and one of the organizers of the ad campaign. “Congress is planning deep cuts in social security, unemployment compensation, educational grants and other programs that help vulnerable Americans. Transferring billions of taxpayersi money to Israel now is immoral. Americans need to speak up and be heard.”

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