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Jeff Halper’s latest article begins by imagining how statehood for Palestine would look but he goes on to write:

Unless we pull out all the stops between now and September, unless the Palestinian leadership joins with its civil society to mobilize the masses of people the world over who support the Palestinian cause, the September initiative is liable to become a joke, a half-hearted attempt to merely make a point, an empty gesture that exposes, above all, the Palestinian leadershipas inability to effectively counter Israel. That would be a genuine disaster.

Regardless of our view on September _ and we have to ask ourselves if we can afford to miss political opportunities like this _ if the PA is going to pursue admission to the UN, we must do everything we can to ensure that it succeeds. And even if it doesnat succeed (we all know an American veto is inevitable), it has advanced the Palestinian cause in two ways.

First, it has got fruitless “negotiations” out of the way. And second, rejecting Palestinian admission to the UN puts an end to the _two-state solution.

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