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Demonstration at demolitions in village near Lod in July (from

With the recent news reported on this website of religious ruling signed by dozens of Israelis municipal chief rabbis that bans the renting or sale of homes to non-Jews , Palestinians living within Israel are suffering a “double whammy”, with increased demolition of their homes. On Monday, seven were demolished in Lod on, near Tel Aviv airport, the old Palestinian town of Lydda, famous as the home town of St George, or Al Khadir, honoured in Muslim and Christian tradition.

Home demolitions within Israel itself have sometimes exceeded those in the West Bank, because of the large amount of Bedouin dwellings that have been destroyed.

Although the religious ruling has not entered state law, it is an indicator of how Arab Israeli citizens are being squeezed out of home occupation on two fronts.

Please make your local MPs aware of these developments, and also, if you are connected at any level with a local church, try and use the Christmas season as an opportunity to make creative links for congregations with the modern day military occupation in the Holy Land, and the land occupied by the Romans 2,000 years ago, and the iconic story of the woman heavy with child forced by the demands of the Roman powers to travel from home and give birth in makeshift surroundings.