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There were some UK participants on the 2010 Rebuilding Camp happening now in Anata, Jerusalem. Days were hot and work was hard, but people found the camp a life-changing experience.

Read a blog by a UK participant here

Below are some impressions from the first days of the camp from three participants.

From Tim:

This is shocking, disturbing and exhilarating. As I’m learning more about house demolitions and the causes of this I realise the complexity of the situation, but also its simplcity – Israel wanting more land and less people. I’m looking forward to the rest of the camp – great people and a great experience.

From Jessica:

Spending seven hours a day working amidst the rubble of a family’s demolished home – amidst the wreckage of their lives – has truly brought home to me the devastating and very real trauma and violence inflicted on and suffered by Palestinians under the ongoing occupation. And yet amidst all this, a powerful, positive image of resistance and hope for the future is beginning to emerge and growing day by day with the hard work of everyone at the camp.


Its been a pretty cool few days so far – everyone is getting along nicely and the house is looking quite a bit like a house. I dont think Ive ever felt the sun so hot, or worked quite as hard as when I was mixing cement today, but it feels good, it feels as though we are making a difference even if this is just one house amongst the hundreds that tumble each year…