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I donit think we usually recommend thrillers on this site and I donit usually read them, but I recently had a reason to read Paul Sussmanis The Last Secret of the Temple. Amazingly, because I had little idea of the subject before I started it, I found myself involved in a fictional account of the conflict which opened up the feelings of people on both sides and introduced the possibility of change and peacemaking. I found all sorts of feelings awakened which belonged to my times out there, and I was right there in Jerusalem many times. My goodness, I thought, either this guy knows the situation very well for some reason, or he has done some very thorough research (it turned out to be the latter). Whatis more, I could actually follow the plot. It would be a novel (excuse pun) way to introduce the situation to people who would not read non-fiction or who are just uninterested, but who do like a good thriller.

Pat Price-Tomes