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The latest issue of this UK medical journal, one of the highest profile journals in the world, has taken a courageous step in the publication of this series, available on its website now at Dr Derek Summerfield, on behalf of UK Medical Committee on Palestine, writes: There are 5 papers accompanied by editorials and commentaries. The intention is to provide a comprehensive, unassailable knowledge base covering every aspect of health/ill-health in the Occupied Pal Territories, and to point to the way that the Occupation and systematic de-development of Palestinian civil society (with the connivance of USA and the European Union) is the major determinant of almost everything. Lancet editor Richard Horton has been personally committed to this project for 2 years, and I can’t imagine a US medical journal doing anything remotely like this (the Zionist lobby would deter them for a start). The main academic collaborating centre has been the splendid Institute of Community and Public Health, Bir Zeit Univ, Ramallah (founding director Prof Rita Giacaman). The scholarship on show in the 5 papers is deeply impressive. There’s been nothing like this before on Palestine. It is certainly part of the wider struggle for justice for the Palestinian people.

The 5 papers are:

Health status and health services in the OPT. R.Giacaman and others.

Maternal and child health in the OPT. H F Abdul Rahim and others.

Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, and cancer in the OPT. A. Husseini and others.

Health as human security in the OPT. R.Batniji and others.

The health-care system: an assessment and reform agenda. A. Mataria and others.

There are also 6 commentaries, including one by ex-US President Jimmy Carter.

The Series is on open access for anyone. All you have to do is register online (very brief procedure). Go to Do disseminate too. The 5 papers will be appearing one by one in the paper journal too.