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In a somewhat desperate bid to capture all _the wonders of Womada I dashed from one arena to another in my remaining precious few moments there!! In the process I happened upon the most wonderful of artists. All my wanderings ceased _ I was transfixed! So too were the crowd – awestruck, as David d’Or’s heavenly music soared through the atmosphere, touching every heart there. Indeed, by his own admission, thatas what heas about – touching hearts! He went on to share how his music had touched some understandably hardened and possibly hostile hearts _ I was moved to the core!

He related how he had been performing at a recent Womad meeting (in the Caribbean, I seem to recall). He told us of how right at the front of the crowd, there was a group of Palestinians, defiantly brandishing their countryas flag. In his somewhat broken English he described how he had felt tense and uncomfortable at the time, not quite knowing what to expect. However, he determined not to be phased by this and to simply do what he had always done, which was to sing from his heart.

David D’Or is described as an _eclectic singer, having mined ancient roots to uncover a unique trove of music which can be traced back to the prayers and chants sung by the Levites in Jerusalem’s Holy Temple, thousands of years ago_. The Levites were dedicated to service in the Tabernacle and according to ancient Jewish law had been set apart by God for such, due to their faithfulness to Him. It is said that, through their sacrifices of praise, battles were won in the heavens (and on earth) as spiritual warfare was waged.

So David D’Or continued to sing praises to God during the concert in the Caribbean. He went on to tell us that the hearts of the Palestinian group before him visibly seemed to melt and soon they were dancing and waving their flag above their heads in joyous abandonment.

In his excitement at this story, David burst into a triumphant cry as he proclaimed, ‘Peace is on its way, people, peace is on it’s way!’

I was moved to tears – Womad was worth it just for that one awesome moment!

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