Posted on April 2, 2008, by & filed under House Demolitions, News.

An uncooperative Jeff Halper, after his arrest, being manhandled away from the home demolition. Photo: Virginia Paradinas

News came in from ICAHD this morning that the Hamdan family home, rebuilt during the 2007 Constructing Peace Summer Camp, has been demolished. Jeff Halper, founder and Coordinator of ICAHD, was arrested for attempting to resist the demolition, but released soon after. We understand at this point in time that no charges will be pressed against him.

A family has been made destitute again, and our hearts go out to them.

The Israeli State can demolish Palestinian homes as part of their institutionally evil means to an end of control over all Jerusalem and the West Bank, but they can’t demolish the Palestinian communal spirit, which never ceases to amaze and inspire us watchers from the outside. And they can’t demolish the spirit of that Camp in July, 2007, which took place under the hot sun that shines the same on good and bad alike; memories of shared hard sweaty work, laughter, tears, lasting bonds formed, human spirits enlightened and expanded and righteously enraged, surprised by similarities and delighted by differences, fuelled to fight tyranny on all fronts with bare hands reaching out to touch each other fearlessly, not balled up as fearful, cowardly iron-clad fists. The house built now lies in ruins, but the bridges built round its creation remain resolute.

We SHALL yet overcome!

Salaam-ala-y-kum, Allah ma-kum, Hamdan family. Insh’Allah, we will be back.