Posted on July 17, 2007, by & filed under News, Rebuilding Demolished Homes.

Working together to rebuild the Hamdan family home

Internationals from the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy and Canada gathered on Saturday for the beginning of the 2007 ICAHD summer camp. For the next two weeks, the participants will work alongside Israelis and Palestinians as they rebuild a home for the Hamdan family, who had their house demolished by an Israeli bulldozer on 21 November 2005.

The twenty-five internationals are very motivated about being able to do something that is making a difference in the lives of the Hamdan family and the statement that this rebuilding act makes regarding the need for the Geneva Convention on Human Rights to be upheld.

Yesterday the camp participants met the Hamdan family and heard their story and then Salim Shawamreh shared his familyis experience of four house demolitions. The campers were also introduced to the local Bedouin community in Anata and then the rebuilding got underway!

For more information about the Hamdan family and the camp. Later today the first of a series of daily reports and photographs from the camp will be posted on the ICAHD Jerusalem website.