Posted on June 25, 2007, by & filed under News, UK Specific.

Despite ongoing human rights violations and the UK governmentis own export guidelines, the UK has consistently licensed exports to Israel for range of military equipment. The notorious F-16 fighter jets and Apache combat helicopters used by Israel to bomb Lebanese and Palestinian town, and to maintain the ongoing occupation of the Palestinian Territories, rely on significant UK components. The UK government also spends millions of pounds on weapons from Israeli companies which have been etestedi in the laboratory of the Occupied Territories. In arming Israel the UK is both providing material support for its aggression and sending a message of approval for its actions.

ICAHD UK is part of the Stop Arming Israel (SAI) campaign, along with Campaign Against the Arms Trade, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and War on Want. SAI has just produced its second postcard to send to MPs. It urges MPs to call for an immediate two-way arms embargo on Israel and requests that this issue is raised with the Foreign Secretary. Contact the ICAHD UK office for a supply to distribute in your locality.