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The tour of East Jerusalem begins with a short briefing that explores the historical and political background of the area. Following the briefing we drive through the area of Talbie, where in 1948 hundreds of Palestinians were expelled from their homes.

Our first stop is at Jabel Mukaber. We will explore the disparity in quality of life provided for Palestinians and Israelis in Jerusalem. We will proceed to Palestinian neighborhoods of East Jerusalem and explore the history and conflict that arose from Israel’s settlements and maltreatment of its Palestinian residents. These may include Silwan, with its lack of building permits, that force the local population to build irregularly (illegally under Israeli law but a right codified under international ;  Ras al-Amod, where in a deal with the state, Irvin Moskovich bought a police station and transformed it into a settlement; and Shiekh Jarrah, where Palestinian are forced out there homes because of the Absentee Property Law. In each of these of these places we can arrange to meet with Palestinian residents and hear their plight. Our tour also includes the Separation Wall, and houses that were demolish by the state.

Optional – The settlement of Ma’ale Adumim. We offer to end the tour at the settlement of Ma’ale Adumim, where the discriminatory allocation of resources is presented to participants. This venue also demonstrates the creation of a “Greater Jerusalem” (and negating the Palestinian state possible territorial contiguity and integrity) by linking the Ma’ale Adumim settlement with Judaized East Jerusalem and encompassing the area known as ‘E1’.

The tour will last approximately 3-4 hours, the cost is 150-200 ILS per person (subject to change – we can reduce the price when over 10-15 participants).

Please contact us at if you’d like information about upcoming tours or if you’d like to schedule a private tour or call 0525284311 (tour inquiries only)