ICAHD’s Matrix of Control Tour

The Matrix of Control – An Introduction

Israel’s “Matrix of Control” is a maze of laws, military orders, planning procedures, limitations on movement, kafkaesque bureaucracy, settlements and infrastructure – augmented by…READ MORE

Fragmenting – Areas A, B and C

Beginning in 1977, upon his appointment as head of the Begin government’s Ministerial Committee on Settlements, Ariel Sharon sought to create “facts on the ground” which would render Israel’s Occupation irreversible. READ MORE

Displacement – House Demolitions and Closure

Since 1967, as part of its campaign to confine Palestinians to enclaves while expanding its settlements and judaizing” the West Bank, Israel has expropriated some 24% of the West Bank for settlements, highways, “by-pass roads,” military installations, nature reserves and infrastructure. READ MORE

Annexation (De Facto) – Israeli Settlements and Settlement Blocs

More than 200 settlements have been constructed in the Occupied Territories. According to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, more than a half-million Israelis have moved across the 1967 boundaries…READ MORE