“This has been an intensely emotional experience. We’ve rebuilt a home, which is great – but knowing that we’ve rebuilt Beit Arabiya, the symbol of hope to all Palestinians, enabled us to participate in their steadfastness.” Galen from the UK – 2012 Summer Rebuilding Camp

“I can say our group started the rebuilding with exactly the right attitude and spirit. Rebuilding a house, as part of our struggle, from the beginning to the end with these people will be one of those memories that will matter when I’m in my sixties.” Bruno from Finland – 2011 Summer Rebuilding Camp

Its really looking quite housey now – which cant be a bad thing, and weve got through one more session without encountering “enemy forces” which is another plus! The whole thing has been brilliant so far, hard work, but we’ve got a great group of volunteers and have met some great people too.” ICAHD participant to the 2010 Summer Rebuilding Camp

In only a few days, we have gone from a bare foundation to a structure with four walls and a roof, with the beginnings of interior walls tracing out the rooms where a family will raise children, eat, drink, sleep, and, we hope, grow old together.” ICAHD participant to the 2009 Summer Rebuilding Camp

“All (ICAHD Staff) spoke movingly of Palestinian resistance and struggle in the face of Israeli control and oppression. They reminded us internationals of the second part of our work; to return to our homes and speak about what we had seen and learned. They recognized the joy and accomplishment of the day, while encouraging us all to continue to work for human rights, equality and freedom for Palestinians.” ICAHD participant to the 2008 Summer Rebuilding Camp

The work site was busy and active as always with a variety of tasks to perform in order to continue to convert this structure into a home. Home in all of its many meanings; not merely a construct providing shelter but a place where families gather and grow, grieve and celebrate, share and seek solace. The attachment is not to the physical structure but to the myriad ways in which that structure contains mementos and meanings; a lifetime of memories.” ICAHD participant to the 2007 Summer Rebuilding Camp

To build a house as a ‘human rights’ statement was a wonderful experience. Twenty-seven men and women from twenty years to sixty-seven, from seven countries discovered the wonderful enthusiasm of a team of Palestinians and Jews. We discovered that respect for others and working together make the best holidays. Completing a house in two weeks allowed me to hear about the horrors imposed on a peace loving people by a ruthless occupier. The Palestinians taught me a lesson in human dignity and friendship in the midst of hardship. Thank you for making me a better person.” Alec – ICAHD participant to the 2006 Summer Rebuilding Camp

“The strangest thing about these two weeks has been the ebb and flow of hope. Seeing the Palestinians suffer and the destitution which follows causes deep depression. Now I sit among many nationalities and religions, and I see promise in the future. All things come to an end, even occupation.” ICAHD participant to the 2005 Summer Rebuilding Camp

Perhaps the surrounding pressure of the occupation, the constant threat of Israeli authorities coming to harass us or even destroy our work brought us together. Perhaps the good and rightful defiance that fueled our efforts made us closer. Whatever the case, something special was achieved during our fourteen days at Beit Arabiya. We were soldiers, all of us, and our fight was, and continues to be, for decency and peace. This is cause enough and, indeed, a lesson, which is that it is not the house itself that brings us together but the building of it, and though our stay at Beit Arabiya is over, one certainty remains: As long as occupying forces continue to knock down Palestinian homes, we’ll be coming back to help pick up the pieces.” Richard Ward – ICAHD participant to the 2004 Summer Rebuilding Camp

“This is an amazing project — exhilarating to be doing something tangible in opposition to the occupation; emotionally powerful to see the human impact of the occupation as it affects every aspect of Palestinian life and to be doing something real to help a Palestinian family; wonderful to be working with a group of Palestinians, Israelis, and internationals from Europe, North America, and Asia, all devoting themselves to working for Palestinian-Israeli reconciliation; and extremely satisfying to be taking a meaningful step to express our opposition to our own U.S. government’s horribly misguided policy.” Kathy & Bill Christison – ICAHD participants to the 2003 Summer Rebuilding Camp