OPEN TOUR – Sunday the 22nd of March leaving 0900am from the Jerusalem Hotel (behind Damascus Gate bus station)
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The “Greater Jerusalem” tour (a concept devised by the Israeli establishment) starts with a briefing that explores the historical and political background of this area. We will recontextualize and demystify historical premises (such as Barak’s “geneorus offer” in Camp David), and talk about the conflict embodied in Greater Jerusalem.

We will to visit Shiekh Jarrah, a neighborhood where Palestinians have been forced out of their homes by settlers using the Absentee Property Law. From there we will continue to the settlement of Pisgat Ze’ev, where we will assess the various aspects of the Settlement Enterprise. We will also observe the Separation Wall that encircles Palestinian communities. We will proceed to the Hizme checkpoint, where thousands of Palestinians cross daily.

After crossing the check point we will arrive at the Bedouin community of Khan al-Ahmar, and observe the standard of living and visit a school that was built with the help of ICAHD and is now, like the rest of the Bedouin communities of Greater Jerusalem, at risk of demolition. From Khan al-Ahmar we will drive to Ma’ale Adumim, a settlement in Area C, that was founded as apart of “Greater Jerusalem”.

We will visit the Shuafat checkpoint, recently built, that excludes over 50,000 Palestinians from their center of life in East Jerusalem. From here we will proceed to the Shuafat Refugee Camp, explore the condition of living and stop at the Separation Wall that surrounds the camp – now viewing it from the side that enclaves Shuafat.

We will end at Beit Arabia in Anata that was demolished for the 5th time in January 2012. Salim Shawarme, the owner of the house and ICAHD staff member, will speak to the group about his life experiences and what it is like to have one’s home demolished five times.

The tour will last approximately 4 hours, the cost is 200 ILS per person.

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