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It was another of those routine tragedies that are never publicized. At eight in the morning we at ICAHD (the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions) received a call that the Border Police, Israeli police and Jerusalem Municipality bulldozers were massing below the Palestinian village of Anata, poised to begin another day of home demolitions. We… Read more »

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The European Parliament passed on July 5 2012 a landmark resolution condemning Israeli policies in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, focusing on home demolitions and forced displacement, with the strongest language to date. The resolution comes as a result of a concerted advocacy effort on the part of ICAHD and other human rights organizations.  … Read more »

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UN Human Rights Council received a report on the recurrent demolition of Beit Arabiya, the home of Salim and Arabiya Shawamreh and their seven children in the West Bank town of Anata, illuminating the ongoing displacement of Palestinians living under prolonged occupation.     The United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) will convene this coming… Read more »

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In the complex situation in which Palestinians and Israelis currently find themselves, two things seems equally evident: First, a viable and truly sovereign Palestinian state alongside Israel is an absolute prerequisite for a just and lasting peace; and second, Israel needs a Palestinian state. Without a Palestine state Israel faces what it considers as two… Read more »