Ruth Edmonds interviewed for PPI on the politics of house demolitions

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The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions estimates that 48,038 Palestinian structures have been demolished in occupied Palestinian territory since 1967, making housing demolition a key aspect of Israel’s policy of control over Palestinians. PPI’s (Partners for Progressive Israel) Nicole Cooper interviews Ruth Edmonds, advocacy officer and tour coordinator for the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions… Read more »

‘It is Mafia, not law’

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 A phenomenon that is absent from much of Western Europe is a fear of bulldozers. A logical absence it would seem. Yet the story is somewhat different for Palestinians living in Israel and the West Bank. I am being driven to meet a Palestinian family, Atta Jaber and his wife and four children, whose home… Read more »

Report On A One State Solution

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Julia Olioff – ICAHD Intern – 2015 As facts on the ground in Israel/Palestine make it evident that a two state solution is no longer feasible, there has been increasing discourse on the possibilities of a one state solution among intellectuals, activists and journalists. Over the past month I interviewed some of these Israeli and… Read more »

Next Level #BDS

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    For millions of social justice activists outside of the conflict zone of occupied Palestine, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israeli-made goods, services and businesses has become one of the more effective means of protest against the apartheid state. Singling out such products – and paying particular attention to companies who have installed… Read more »


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  RUTH EDMONDS UK TOUR   Palestine / Israel: Where are we and where are we headed?   Tuesday 24th: Sheffield, Quaker Meeting House, S1 2EW, 7.30pm > Contact: Wednesday 25th: Leeds, Holy Trinity Church, LS1 6HW, 6pm  > Contact: Thursday 26th: Manchester, Friends Meeting House, M2 5NS, 7pm > Contact:  … Read more »

Jeff Halper's Interview with the Jewish Post & News in Winnipeg

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Jeff Halper, Director, ICAHD, has just completed his month-long speaking tour of Canada that took him from Newfoundland across to Vancouver. Among the achievements was his public interview with the Jewish Post & News in Winnipeg, posted here. [video: width:500 height:400 autoplay:1]

ARTICLE: Interning with ICAHD- The Stages So Far

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Interning with ICAHD, the stages so far   I am a barrister from the UK and have been volunteering as an intern for ICAHD since November 2014. Arriving here and finding myself immersed in the political and social problems afflicting this part of the world, I have found myself going through something like a mini… Read more »

ICAHD Autumn Newsletter

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IN THE WAKE OF THE ASSAULT ON GAZA  Jeff Halper   This is the first newsletter since the conclusion of Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, which obviously preoccupied our attention. It showed the political bankruptcy of all the actors. For Israel, it was an attempt to finally break all Palestinian resistance – mopping up in… Read more »


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  In the midst of Israel’s attempt to end Palestinian armed resistance in Gaza as it did in Operation Defensive Shield in the West Bank in 2002, Palestinian Israeli and international activists continue their non-violent resistance to Israel’s Occupation. For the twelfth year activists of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) will rebuild a… Read more »