Seven Palestinian Homes Demolished

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Israeli soldiers demolished homes in three Palestinian villages near bypass road 317 on 14 February, the Christian Peacemaker Team reports. Starting in Imneizil at around 9am about forty Israeli soldiers with two bulldozers demolished one home, an animal pen and a stone bake-oven. At noon the soldiers moved to Qawawis where they demolished the homes… Read more »

Israeli & Palestinian Activists to Rebuild Demolished Homes Near Hebron

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A coalition of Israeli organizations announced a joint, Israeli-Palestinian activity, to rebuild homes that were demolished by the military in the South hills of Hebron, during the weekend of March 9-10.       Background:It appears that the State of Israel is now determined to act on its policy of destroying the Palestinian villages in… Read more »

The Israeli Army Returns to Continue the Destruction in South Hebron

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The Israeli army invaded the villages of Qawawis and Towani south of the city of Hebron in the southern part of the West Bank, uprooted trees and demolished houses on Thursday midday. In Qawawis village the Israeli army troops, along with several bulldozers, stormed the village and demolished six farmers’ homes and one animal shed…. Read more »

Wave of Demolitions in Jerusalem, Jordan Valley & South Hebron

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Following the demolitions and evictions in East Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley yesterday, this morning the Civil Administration accompanied by large Army and Border Police forces demolished a mosque in the Jordan Valley and several structures in the South Hebron Hills.   Yesterday the Ministry of Interior demolished a Palestinian home in A Thuri, East… Read more »

Demolitions in the Negev and in the South Hebron Hills

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Yesterday morning Bulldozers and large numbers of riot control police arrived to two villages in the Negev, Rahma & Kasfiya, and demolished a house in each of the villages. The demolitions were carried out as the houses were build without a permit, this although the Israeli government refuses to recognize the Bedouin villages in the… Read more »