Atta Jaber and ICAHD

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ICAHD have worked with Atta Jaber and his family since they suffered their first home demolition in 1998, rebuilding two of his homes after they were destroyed by the authorities and in local arson attacks, and we wish to spread their story of peaceful resistance far and wide. In this 5 minute video you will… Read more »

Homeless Again

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Yesterday morning the Israeli authorities destroyed the homes of six Jahalin Bedouin families on El Jabal. The Jahalin were forcibly removed from their lands near Ma’ale Adumim in 1979 and resettled to a spot some 500 meters from the Jerusalem municipality garbage dump, a place deemed by many environmental organizations to be unfit for human… Read more »

ICAHD First Israeli Peaxe Group to Call for Sanctions

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  SANCTIONS AGAINST THE ISRAELI OCCUPATION: IT’S TIME    “If apartheid ended, so can the occupation. But the moral force and international pressure will have to be just as determined. The current divestment effort is the first, though certainly not the only, necessary move in that direction.” — Bishop Desmond Tutu    You can’t have… Read more »

ICAHD and other Israeli Peace Groups Call for the Cancellation of a Planned Muslim Quarter New Settlement

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ICAHD and other Israeli Peace Groups call for the cancellation of a planned Muslim Quarter new settlement Another illegal act in East Jerusalem undertaken by the Israeli Government and the Municipality of Jerusalem has recently been uncovered: a plan to build a new Jewish settlement in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City near Herod’s… Read more »

Summer of Demolitions

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Hours after his modest home was demolished by Israeli bulldozers, Khaled Abdallah Ali Ghazal stands astride the wreckage in the scorching desert heat and vows to hold on. “We have nowhere else to go, we will rebuild,” he says. For hundreds like him in the Jordan Valley, this is the reality of what the Israeli… Read more »

The Judaization of Palestine: 2011 Displacement Trends

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This article provides a political analysis of the root causes and consequences of Israel’s house demolition policy, focusing on the demolition of Palestinian homes and other structures in the Occupied West Bank. All recorded incidents have been verified and documented by partners in the Displacement Working Group (an inter-agency group under the auspices of the… Read more »

Reprieve to Khan al-Ahmar School

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A delegation of representatives from Israeli authorities visited Khan al-Ahmar on February 1st. The delegation reportedly included the head of the Israeli Civil Administration (ICA) Brigadier general Moti Almoz, and Central Command head Major General Nitzan Alon.   The Israeli delegation met with community representative Abu Khamis, and the headmistress of Khan al Ahmar School. The delegation referred to pressure mounted… Read more »

East Jerusalem Family Forcibly Evicted, Settlers Move In

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A Palestinian refugee family (An Natsha) residing in Beit Hanina (East Jerusalem) was forcibly evicted by Israeli authorities this morning, 18 April 2012. The home was taken over by an Israeli settler association, which plans to build around 60 housing units for settlers in the area.  Since 2001, the An Natsha family has suffered repeated settler… Read more »

UN Special Rapporteur Condemns Israel of De-Facto Annexation of the West Bank

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Concluding a ten day visit to the region yesterday (Monday, February 20th), United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Prof. Richard Falk stated that “the information I received paints a picture of increasing efforts by Israel to deny Palestinians their right of self-determination. Ever-increasing and expanding Israeli settlements; ever-increasing confiscation of Palestinian land;… Read more »

Why Israel Won’t Make Peace

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  Why won’t Israel make peace with the Palestinians? On the face of it, this seems like a strange question. After all, doesn’t Israel repeat endlessly that it wants peace? Didn’t it offer the Palestinians 95% of the West Bank in the Taba negotiations last January? Wasn’t it the Palestinians who began the violence, the… Read more »