The Three Jerusalems

Posted 25th July 2012, by & filed under Demolitions, East Jerusalem, GreaterJerusalem, Ideas, Jeff Halper, Quiet Transfer, Zoning policy.

In terms of the peace negotiations, Jerusalem is usually presented as a holy and symbolic city whose main issues are control of the holy places and the ability of the Palestinians to establish their capital in the city’s eastern part. These, indeed, are important and difficult issues. They mask, however, an equally important aspect of… Read more »

After Defeat, Autonomy

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Despite protestations by Sharon, the vote by acclamation of the Likud Central Committee against the establishment of any Palestinian state flowed logically and smoothly from “Operation Defensive Shield.” In that ferocious incursion into Palestinian areas, the Sharon government believes it has defeated the Palestinians once and for all, and can thus drop the pretense of… Read more »