Wiping a Village Off the Map: The Destruction of a Herder Community in Northern Jordan Valley

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Wiping a Village Off the Map: The Destruction of a Herder Community in Northern Jordan Valley   Eighty people are left homeless in Hammamat Al Maleh in the Northern Jordan Valley, after the Israel Defence Forces demolished homes and animal shelters of 11 families in the communities of Hammamat Al Maleh and Hammamat Al Meiteh, on January 17th, 2013.In the morning of the following day… Read more »

In-Depth Study Tours: Autumn 2013 Programme Announced

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  Plans are now in place for the extended study tours that are part of ICAHD’s educational programme to equip internationals for advocacy and once again they will be facilitated by ICAHD UK. Two tours are offered for November which go beyond the traditional tourist sites as the political realities that affect Palestinians and Israelis… Read more »

Roots of Resistance: We all have a responsibility to turn resistance into liberation

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  The first Intifada (actually the second if we include the Palestinian Revolt of 1936-39, both derided as “riots” and “disturbances” in Israeli historiography) stands alongside other historical acts of popular resistance to oppression, occupation or colonial rule. Some succeeded in overthrowing that rule: the Arab Spring comes immediately to mind, as do the strikes… Read more »

Another Gain for Perseverance: The UN Vote on Recognizing Palestine. And Yet…

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  On one level, the General Assembly’s overwhelming vote to recognize the state of Palestine represented a significant achievement for the PLO/Palestinian Authority. It reaffirmed international support for Palestinian self-determination and demonstrated just how isolated Israel and the US are on this issue. The significance of the vote went beyond the merely “symbolic.” Unlike previous… Read more »