How to Start an Uprising?

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First, you create great expectations. Handshakes on the White House lawn. A rhetoric of peace (“No more war. No more bloodshed”). Elections, giving them a flag of their own. Then secret meetings, summit meetings, dinners, retreats, peace treaties, interim agreements, promises, tantalizing benefits held before hungry eyes. More handshakes, more “gestures.” Then you create a… Read more »

No Return to Oslo

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This is yet another crucial moment in the capricious Middle East peace process. The new political reality that has emerged since September 11th has dramatically changed the dynamics of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. For the first time, the United States perceives a direct and immediate interest in resolving the conflict – or at least minimizing its… Read more »

Now What?

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With the fall of the Jenin refugee camp and the crushing of resistance in the casbah of Nablus, April 9 — the twelfth day of the Israel’s final push to defeat the Palestinians – marks the end of yet another stage of the Palestinian’s struggle for self-determination. April 10th, when Powell meets the Spanish presidency… Read more »