Nof Zion vs. Jabal Mukaber: Manipulations to Erase Reality

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At the edge of Jabal Mukaber, on the border of the settlement of East Talpiot, a luxurious Jewish building project is taking shape, eventually covering 170 dunams comprised of housing, a sports center, a park, a kindergarten, a synagogue and a commercial center. The project being built, `Nof Zion`, is a private project, purely a… Read more »

Discrimination in the New Master Plan of Jerusalem

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The recently published Jerusalem master plan is an instructive document of some historical importance, seemingly setting out to introduce a degree of order and justice in a city which up to now was managed on the basis of an outdated and irrelevant plan dating back to 1959. However, the chapter dealing with East Jerusalem unfortunately… Read more »

The Truth Behind Formal Statistics. Demolition of illegal houses in the West Bank during 2004.

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The number of houses in the West Bank demolished by the state rose sharply after the start of the second intifada’s at the end of 2000. The number of houses demolished in the Gaza Strip, especially in Rafiah, is unprecedented; the figures amount to 2,897 houses. The matter is documented in a most skillful and… Read more »