Palestine/Israel: Where Do We Go from Here ?

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Imagine. September 22nd (or 23rd or 24th), the day after the Security Council recognizes Palestine as a member state within the 1967 borders and it is ratified in the General Assembly by more than 150 countries: The Palestinian flag joins that of 192 other member states, all of whose territorial integrity is ensured by the… Read more »

Jordan Valley Matrix of Control Fact Sheet

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In November 2011, Israel expropriated 1.5 km2 of Palestinian land in the northern Jordan Valley and de-facto annexed the land to a Jewish community within Israel proper. This is considered the first instance of Palestinian land in the Occupied West Bank to be annexed to Israel, (excluding East Jerusalem) in defiance of international law.   In his May… Read more »

No Return to Oslo

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This is yet another crucial moment in the capricious Middle East peace process. The new political reality that has emerged since September 11th has dramatically changed the dynamics of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. For the first time, the United States perceives a direct and immediate interest in resolving the conflict – or at least minimizing its… Read more »

Paralysis over Palestine: Question of Strategy

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The claim that we in Palestine/Israel find ourselves in a historical moment, at a “fateful crossroads,” sounds like a worn cliché. How many historical moments have we entered and passed through, seeming without fateful consequences, in the past century and more? The illusion that nothing is final, that the occasional “crises” in the Middle East… Read more »

Inside the Matrix of Control

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Early every morning—Shabbat excepting—across from the Beit Arabiya peace center in the West Bank town of Anata, just northeast of Jerusalem, a huge Caterpillar earth-moving machine would move ponderously down the steep dusty road from the newly-constructed Shin Bet headquarters (Israel’s secret police) across the rocky valley, its hellish screeching and groaning a daily reminder… Read more »

Rethinking Israel After Sixty Years

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Israeli Independence Day 2008, marking the sixtieth anniversary of the rise of the Jewish State, should be cause for sober reflection and reevaluation as well as celebration. Indeed, we Israeli Jews have much to celebrate. But something, it appears, is amiss. Israel’s 60 Year gala appeared exaggerated, the joy expressed through the blaring loudspeakers somewhat… Read more »


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In the complex situation in which Palestinians and Israelis currently find themselves, two things seems equally evident: First, a viable and truly sovereign Palestinian state alongside Israel is an absolute prerequisite for a just and lasting peace; and second, Israel needs a Palestinian state. Without a Palestine state Israel faces what it considers as two… Read more »