Atta Jaber and ICAHD

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ICAHD have worked with Atta Jaber and his family since they suffered their first home demolition in 1998, rebuilding two of his homes after they were destroyed by the authorities and in local arson attacks, and we wish to spread their story of peaceful resistance far and wide. In this 5 minute video you will… Read more »

ICAHD Newsletter – January 2016

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ICAHD Jerusalem and Jeff Changes Role in ICAHD With the end of 2015 we express our deep appreciation to all the ICAHD supporters who have helped sustain us during the incredible challenges that we as an Israeli political left-wing peace group continue to face in our resistance to our government’s policies towards the Palestinians. Thousands… Read more »

ICAHD Jerusalem and Jeff Changes Roles in ICAHD

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Our last news letter covered our annual rebuilding summer camp which was a great success following 2014’s canceled summer camp due to the brutal attack on Gaza and concern over safety. In summer 2016 we will rebuild another home demolished by the authorities which will again bring together internationals, Palestinians, and Israelis to share and… Read more »


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Jeff Halper “Punitive” demolitions, which have become a trademark of Israel’s latest round of repression against the Palestinians of the Occupied Territory, are not only a pointless lashing out against defenseless families, but are downright counterproductive, even by Israel’s own standards. Since 1967 the Israeli authorities have demolished some 46,000 Palestinian homes in the OPT,… Read more »

Borrowed Freedom Is Not Freedom

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In recent weeks Israel’s High Court of Justice approved the punitive home demolition of five family homes of Palestinians involved in attacks against Israelis. Under most circumstances when a Palestinian attacks an Israelis civilian or solider, he is neutralized, which means killed or injured and arrested. Therefore punitive home demolitions punish family members and neighbors…. Read more »

ICAHD Completes 189th Rebuild

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Jeff Halper, ICAHD’s Director, reflects on the final day of ICAHD’s annual rebuilding camp for internationals: The ICAHD Rebuilding Camp is completed! Two weeks of building in 40 degree (104 F) heat, 20 international activists bolstered by their Palestinian and Israeli compatriots and a wonderful, professional Palestinian team of builders led by Salim and Riad,… Read more »