The Power of Paradigms – Helping Israelis Grasp the New Emerging Reality

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We are all creatures of culture. As human beings possessing the ability for abstract thought, we live in realities that we construct ourselves, both collectively and individually. We construct everything; nothing is “natural.” Our constructions of reality – embodied in ideologies, narratives and symbols — make sense to us. The rest on shared assumptions, experiences,… Read more »

Why Israel Won’t Make Peace

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  Why won’t Israel make peace with the Palestinians? On the face of it, this seems like a strange question. After all, doesn’t Israel repeat endlessly that it wants peace? Didn’t it offer the Palestinians 95% of the West Bank in the Taba negotiations last January? Wasn’t it the Palestinians who began the violence, the… Read more »

The Problem with Israel

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Let’s be honest (for once): The problem in the Middle East is not the Palestinian people, not Hamas, not the Arabs, not Hezbollah or the Iranians or the entire Muslim world. It’s us, the Israelis. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the single greatest cause of instability, extremism and violence in our region, is perhaps the simplest conflict… Read more »

Don't Say We Did Not Know

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A comprehensive listing of the daily atrocities and tragedies suffered by Palestinians and Bedouin under Israeli Occupation. Compiled by ICAHD’s Chairman, Amos Gvirtz, this record of human rights violations is distributed in Hebrew to the Israeli public in order that the Jewish citizens of Israel will never be able to say they didn’t know.  … Read more »