Torched Clinic Repaired by Volunteers

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A house was purchased in the Jewish neighborhood of Shxunat Alia in Kfar Saba by Dr. Sultan, a Palestinian, Israeli citizen living in nearby Tira. In July 2002 the property was badly damaged by a fire set by arsonists. After working for the last twelve years at a rental location in the same neighborhood, Dr…. Read more »

Israeli/Palestinian joint demonstration in Jerusalem

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Yesterday over three hundred activists from Ta’ayush, The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, Bat Shalom and others, joined with five hundred Palestinians in a joint demonstration against the separation wall built by the Israeli government in Abu Dis. Three months ago the state of Israel constructed the wall which isolates 60,000 Palestinian residents (the majority… Read more »

Volunteers Dragged from House

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BEIT HANINA, JERUSALEM – Israeli and international volunteers occupied the one-room house of Muhammed Shabani in order to prevent its demolition by the municipality of Jerusalem accompanied by over forty Israeli police. The volunteers were asked to leave, but several ICAHD staff members and volunteers refused and were dragged out of the house by force…. Read more »

Israeli & Palestinian Activists to Rebuild Demolished Homes Near Hebron

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A coalition of Israeli organizations announced a joint, Israeli-Palestinian activity, to rebuild homes that were demolished by the military in the South hills of Hebron, during the weekend of March 9-10.       Background:It appears that the State of Israel is now determined to act on its policy of destroying the Palestinian villages in… Read more »

A Call for an Escalation of Nonviolence

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The bloody struggle has continued between Israel and the Palestinians for about two years. The many hundreds of victims on both sides, and the even greater number of injured, are merely the most conspicuous part of the terrible suffering that the war has brought. No one knows if either side will eventually achieve its aims… Read more »