Series of House Demolitions in West Bank

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On 14 April 2010, the Israeli Defense Forces demolished multiple homes and commercial structures throughout the West Bank, indicating that a recent lull in demolitions may be coming to an end. In the village of Al Khadr in the Bethlehem Governorate, a two-storey home that housed a family of nine people, including a one year… Read more »

European Union Protests Israeli Policies in the Occupied West Bank

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“The significance of this development is not only the creation of a greater Jerusalem that controls the center of the West Bank” says ICAHD Director Dr. Jeff Halper “but the emergence of Israeli Occupation territorial contiguity, that effectively eliminates the two state solution.”   European Union Ambassador to Israel, Andrew Standley, submitted a formal protest… Read more »

You Can't Get There from Here: The Need for "Collapse with Agency" in Palestine

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Even as I write this, the bulldozers have been busy throughout that one indivisible country known by the bifurcated term Israel/Palestine. Palestinian homes, community centers, livestock pens and other “structures” (as the Israel authorities dispassionately call them) have been demolished in the Old City, Silwan and various parts of “Area C” in the West Bank,… Read more »

ICAHD Briefs UN Special Committee on Israeli Practices, Calls for Study of Prolonged Occupation

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ICAHD Co-Director Itay Epshtain briefed the United Nations Special Committee on Israeli Practices convened in Amman Jordan earlier today (July 12 2012).   The Special Committee was established by UN General Assembly (GA) in1968 in order to monitor “respect for and implementation of human rights in occupied territories.” The Special Committee reports to the General Assembly on… Read more »

A Culture of Peace

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At a time when peace in the Middle East seems near impossible, there is a different way to a peaceful solution. “Governments have had their chance and failed, so too have the economists,” according to Aharoni, founder and president of The International Forum for the Culture and Literature of Peace (IFLAC. “Now it’s the chance… Read more »