The IDF’s Decision to Halt Punitive House Demolitions: a Small but Welcome Step

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The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) welcomes the decision of the Israeli Army to halt its policy of demolishing Palestinian houses either as punishment for acts of violence or as a deterrent measure. This policy constituted a clear violation of international law, both because it by-passed due process of law in cases where perpetrators… Read more »

In Support of those that Refuse to Serve

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Yesterday ICAHD participated in a Yesh Gvul activity for the International Day Against the War in Lebanon & Gaza. Thus far there have been five Israeli soldiers who refused to fight in the war on principled grounds. Four of them are currently imprisoned at Prison 6 in Atlit. Yesh Gvul organized an action in support of the… Read more »

Seven Palestinian Homes Demolished

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Israeli soldiers demolished homes in three Palestinian villages near bypass road 317 on 14 February, the Christian Peacemaker Team reports. Starting in Imneizil at around 9am about forty Israeli soldiers with two bulldozers demolished one home, an animal pen and a stone bake-oven. At noon the soldiers moved to Qawawis where they demolished the homes… Read more »

The Israeli Army Returns to Continue the Destruction in South Hebron

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The Israeli army invaded the villages of Qawawis and Towani south of the city of Hebron in the southern part of the West Bank, uprooted trees and demolished houses on Thursday midday. In Qawawis village the Israeli army troops, along with several bulldozers, stormed the village and demolished six farmers’ homes and one animal shed…. Read more »

Israeli Forces Have Evicted the Hanoun and Al-Ghawe Families From their Sheikh Jarrah Homes

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2 August 2009: Israeli forces have evicted the Hanoun and al-Ghawe families from their Sheikh Jarrah homes.   At around 5:30 in the morning, Israeli police arrived at the Hannoun family home and broke into the house through the windows. They forcefully removed Maher Hanoun, his wife Nadia and their 3 children. The police violently… Read more »

Series of House Demolitions in West Bank

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On 14 April 2010, the Israeli Defense Forces demolished multiple homes and commercial structures throughout the West Bank, indicating that a recent lull in demolitions may be coming to an end. In the village of Al Khadr in the Bethlehem Governorate, a two-storey home that housed a family of nine people, including a one year… Read more »

Mass demolitions in the Jordan Valley

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The IDF demolished the village of Al Farisyie yesterday in the Jordan Valley, destroying 74 structures and displacing 107 people.  The mass demolition included 26 residential tents; 22 animal shelters; 7 taboun ovens; 8 kitchens; 10 bathrooms and a shed used to store agricultural equipment. As a result at least 107 people, including 52 children,… Read more »