Nof Zion vs. Jabal Mukaber: Manipulations to Erase Reality

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At the edge of Jabal Mukaber, on the border of the settlement of East Talpiot, a luxurious Jewish building project is taking shape, eventually covering 170 dunams comprised of housing, a sports center, a park, a kindergarten, a synagogue and a commercial center. The project being built, `Nof Zion`, is a private project, purely a… Read more »

No Partner for Peace: Our American Problem

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  It was as if some official, perhaps one of President Obama’s “czars,” like the Czar for Demolishing American Credibility, had orchestrated a systematic campaign to isolate the US from the rest of the world, make it a political laughing-stock and, finally, render it a second-rate power capable of throwing around tremendous military weight but… Read more »

Civil Society as a Watchdog in the Current Negotiations

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  Civil society is a blunt instrument. As “public opinion” we form a vague background to government decision-making and as voters we have a broad – but only broad – effect on who is in power and what policies are pursued. Occasionally sections of us can be mobilized, less focused in the case of Glenn… Read more »

Palestine/Israel: Where Do We Go from Here ?

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Imagine. September 22nd (or 23rd or 24th), the day after the Security Council recognizes Palestine as a member state within the 1967 borders and it is ratified in the General Assembly by more than 150 countries: The Palestinian flag joins that of 192 other member states, all of whose territorial integrity is ensured by the… Read more »

The Palestinian Authority’s Historic Mistake, and Opportunity. By Jeff Halper

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No one knows the precise plans of the Palestinian Authority vis-a-vis September: will Mahmoud Abbas declare a Palestinian state within recognized borders and ask that it be admitted as a full member of the UN – or not? Perhaps Abbas himself does not know. Now political leaders often make decisions alone or in consultation with… Read more »

The Tent Protests in Israel: Can They Break out of the Zionist/Security/Neo-Liberal Box?

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The demonstrations currently roiling Israel constitute a grassroots challenge to Israel’s neo-liberal regime.  Beginning as an uprising of the middle classes – especially young people who have trouble finding affordable housing – it has spread to the working class, the poor and the Arab communities as well, though not the religious as yet. Many of… Read more »

Halper on the Russell Tribunal

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The Russell Tribunal is what happens when governments abrogate their responsibilities towards their own citizens and peoples under their control. States (plus the UN) are obligated to enforce international law and human rights conventions. When they don’t, as in their failure to apply the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of… Read more »