A Statement Concerning Israeli Military Demolition Order # T/61/02

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Hebron Rehabilitation Committee A Statement Concerning Israeli Military Order # T/61/02 for the Confiscation and Demolition of Historic Buildings in the Old Town of Hebron_________________________________ On November 29th, 2002 the Israeli army issued military order T/61/02 which calls for the demolition of the homes of 110 families in Hebron’s Old City in order to create… Read more »

Israel razes 22 Palestinian buildings in Hebron

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The Israel Defense Force’s Civil Administration yesterday demolished 22 Palestinian buildings in the Hebron area. The official reason given was “standard enforcement of building rules,” but the operation is likely part of the IDF’s ongoing retaliation campaign in Hebron, which has been under curfew for four days now. Eighteen of the demolished buildings are in… Read more »

IDF demolishes further 13 structures in the West Bank

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In the community of Al Lubban Al Gharbi in the north-western Ramallah Governorate Israeli authorities demolished 10 structures belonging to 8 Palestinian families (80 people, including 38 children). According to OCHA this included 2 homes; 6 barracks and 1 tent used for various livelihood-related purposes; as well as the foundation of a house under construction. The 2 homes that… Read more »

Demolition update August 2010

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August 3rd 2010, the IDF demolished water infrastructures including a cistern in Jabal Joher and Bani Na’im, both in the Hebron Governorate   On August 4th, 2010  the IDF demolished 2 Palestinian structures, in Azzun Atma/Qualqylia Governorate both of which were used for livelihood-related purposes. The demolition affects the livelihood of a family of 3 people. … Read more »