A Letter to Israeli Protest and Resistance activists

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My dear friends, Does this sound familiar: “I don’t mind protesting in Tel Aviv but I’m not crazy enough to do it over the Green Line” “I can’t go there, I might get arrested or shot. Anyway I have to pick up my kids from swimming lessons.” “My wife won’t let me go. She’s concerned… Read more »

A Culture of Peace

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At a time when peace in the Middle East seems near impossible, there is a different way to a peaceful solution. “Governments have had their chance and failed, so too have the economists,” according to Aharoni, founder and president of The International Forum for the Culture and Literature of Peace (IFLAC. “Now it’s the chance… Read more »

Redlining and the Israeli Real Estate Industry

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The recent Israeli elections were followed by a number of pronouncements by US officials praising democracy in Israel. However democracy is much more than elections, and many freedoms that Americans take for granted are not available in Israel. For example, Israel’s Arab citizens suffer from discriminatory real estate and housing practices of the sort that… Read more »

Constructing Peace Campaign – Summer Report

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While ICAHD: The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions has been rebuilding Palestinian homes for ten years, the expansion of the organization’s building program this year has been unprecedented. From the Negev Desert, Hebron, Jerusalem and villages north of Ramallah, ICAHD has employed dozens of Palestinians to rebuild homes destroyed by the Israeli government.    … Read more »