No Return to Oslo

Posted 25th July 2012, by & filed under Fourth Geneva Convention, Ideas, Jeff Halper, matrix of control, Oslo, Palestinian refugees, Peace process.

This is yet another crucial moment in the capricious Middle East peace process. The new political reality that has emerged since September 11th has dramatically changed the dynamics of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. For the first time, the United States perceives a direct and immediate interest in resolving the conflict – or at least minimizing its… Read more »

A Test of the Road Map

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Even as I write this Israeli Prime Minister Sharon is meeting with representatives of AIPAC, Israel’s powerful lobby in Washington, in preparation for his meeting with President Bush tomorrow (Tuesday). According to news reports, the American Administration is looking to Sharon to “give a boost” to the Road Map by offering some “humanitarian gesture.” Freeing… Read more »

The Power of Saying No

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As the new Hamas government is sworn into power in the Palestinian Authority, we might ask: What would bring a people, the most secular of Arab populations with little history of religious fundamentalism, to vote Hamas? Mere protest at Fatah ineffectualness in negotiations and internal corruption doesn’t go far enough. While warning Hamas that their… Read more »