Civil Society as a Watchdog in the Current Negotiations

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  Civil society is a blunt instrument. As “public opinion” we form a vague background to government decision-making and as voters we have a broad – but only broad – effect on who is in power and what policies are pursued. Occasionally sections of us can be mobilized, less focused in the case of Glenn… Read more »

How to Start an Uprising?

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First, you create great expectations. Handshakes on the White House lawn. A rhetoric of peace (“No more war. No more bloodshed”). Elections, giving them a flag of their own. Then secret meetings, summit meetings, dinners, retreats, peace treaties, interim agreements, promises, tantalizing benefits held before hungry eyes. More handshakes, more “gestures.” Then you create a… Read more »

Paralysis over Palestine: Question of Strategy

Posted 24th July 2012, by & filed under Analysis, Facts on the Ground, Jeff Halper, matrix of control.

The claim that we in Palestine/Israel find ourselves in a historical moment, at a “fateful crossroads,” sounds like a worn cliché. How many historical moments have we entered and passed through, seeming without fateful consequences, in the past century and more? The illusion that nothing is final, that the occasional “crises” in the Middle East… Read more »