Israeli Forces Have Evicted the Hanoun and Al-Ghawe Families From their Sheikh Jarrah Homes

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2 August 2009: Israeli forces have evicted the Hanoun and al-Ghawe families from their Sheikh Jarrah homes.   At around 5:30 in the morning, Israeli police arrived at the Hannoun family home and broke into the house through the windows. They forcefully removed Maher Hanoun, his wife Nadia and their 3 children. The police violently… Read more »

Wave of Demolitions in Jerusalem, Jordan Valley & South Hebron

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Following the demolitions and evictions in East Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley yesterday, this morning the Civil Administration accompanied by large Army and Border Police forces demolished a mosque in the Jordan Valley and several structures in the South Hebron Hills.   Yesterday the Ministry of Interior demolished a Palestinian home in A Thuri, East… Read more »

Significant Rise in Demolitions Over Past Week

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The Displacement Working Group reports that in the past week since December 5th, 20 structures were demolished and at least 61 people displaced and left homeless.   In total, 1,051 people have been displaced this year, compared to 606 for the whole of 2010. More than 539 structures including 199 homes have been demolished.   … Read more »

East Jerusalem and Jordan Valley Demolitions Surge over the Past Week

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The Displacement Working Group reports the following demolitions over the past week, as East Jerusalem demolitions surge once more.   In total, 1,082 people have been displaced this year, compared to 606 for the whole of 2010. More than 561 structures including 209 homes have been demolished.   East Jerusalem and Greater Jerusalem As-Suwwana, East… Read more »

Reprieve to Khan al-Ahmar School

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A delegation of representatives from Israeli authorities visited Khan al-Ahmar on February 1st. The delegation reportedly included the head of the Israeli Civil Administration (ICA) Brigadier general Moti Almoz, and Central Command head Major General Nitzan Alon.   The Israeli delegation met with community representative Abu Khamis, and the headmistress of Khan al Ahmar School. The delegation referred to pressure mounted… Read more »

UN Expert Concludes: Israel Implements a Strategy of Judaization in the OPT

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Prof. Raquel Rolnik, UN Special Rapporteur on the right to adequate housing, has concluded this morning (Sunday, February 12th 2012) of a two week visit to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Speaking in Jerusalem this afternoon Prof. Rolink said: “From the Galilee and the Negev to East Jerusalem and the West Bank, the Israeli… Read more »

East Jerusalem Family Forcibly Evicted, Settlers Move In

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A Palestinian refugee family (An Natsha) residing in Beit Hanina (East Jerusalem) was forcibly evicted by Israeli authorities this morning, 18 April 2012. The home was taken over by an Israeli settler association, which plans to build around 60 housing units for settlers in the area.  Since 2001, the An Natsha family has suffered repeated settler… Read more »