Wiping a Village Off the Map: The Destruction of a Herder Community in Northern Jordan Valley

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Wiping a Village Off the Map: The Destruction of a Herder Community in Northern Jordan Valley   Eighty people are left homeless in Hammamat Al Maleh in the Northern Jordan Valley, after the Israel Defence Forces demolished homes and animal shelters of 11 families in the communities of Hammamat Al Maleh and Hammamat Al Meiteh, on January 17th, 2013.In the morning of the following day… Read more »

Israeli Government Destroys Mosque in the Negev

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On the 5th of February 2003, the Israeli Interior Ministry destroyed a mosque in the unrecognised Negev village of Tel Al-Mileh. The mosque was approximately 150 square metres, and had been built at a cost of over 100,000 shekels raised by subscriptions from the villagers, and supported by the Negev Institute for Lands and People…. Read more »

Volunteers Dragged from House

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BEIT HANINA, JERUSALEM – Israeli and international volunteers occupied the one-room house of Muhammed Shabani in order to prevent its demolition by the municipality of Jerusalem accompanied by over forty Israeli police. The volunteers were asked to leave, but several ICAHD staff members and volunteers refused and were dragged out of the house by force…. Read more »

Homeless Again

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Yesterday morning the Israeli authorities destroyed the homes of six Jahalin Bedouin families on El Jabal. The Jahalin were forcibly removed from their lands near Ma’ale Adumim in 1979 and resettled to a spot some 500 meters from the Jerusalem municipality garbage dump, a place deemed by many environmental organizations to be unfit for human… Read more »

Israeli Government Demolishes Entire Bedoiun Village

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At 5:00am today, 6 December 2006, hundreds of police accompanied six bulldozers and demolished 17 homes and 3 animal pens in the village of Twail Abu-Jarwal. The entire village is demolished. People are sitting by the piles of tin that were their modest dwellings and wondering what to do, where to go… even their family… Read more »

One Village, Two Buildings and a Top Floor: Thoughts for Human Rights Day

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“All human beings are born with equal and inalienable rights and fundamental freedoms” – Universal Declaration of Human Rights       While the vast destruction in Gaza seems to be on hold, the incremental destruction of Palestine continues apace. Just the last few days have seen a large number of demolitions in Israel and… Read more »

Israel Erases Entire Bedouin Village in the Negev

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Yesterday, Tuesday, January 9th, Israeli forces entered the Bedouin village of Twail Abu Jarwal in the Northern Negev for the 5th time, in order to demolish it. Large police forces, with the aid of special-task forces and with the aerial help of a helicopter, and two bulldozers demolished the entire village. 21 homes: shacks, brick… Read more »

Seven Palestinian Homes Demolished

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Israeli soldiers demolished homes in three Palestinian villages near bypass road 317 on 14 February, the Christian Peacemaker Team reports. Starting in Imneizil at around 9am about forty Israeli soldiers with two bulldozers demolished one home, an animal pen and a stone bake-oven. At noon the soldiers moved to Qawawis where they demolished the homes… Read more »