After Defeat, Autonomy

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Despite protestations by Sharon, the vote by acclamation of the Likud Central Committee against the establishment of any Palestinian state flowed logically and smoothly from “Operation Defensive Shield.” In that ferocious incursion into Palestinian areas, the Sharon government believes it has defeated the Palestinians once and for all, and can thus drop the pretense of… Read more »

Incarceration or Transfer: The Post-Incursion Plan

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Like Sharon’s 1982 war in Lebanon, which was also minimized as simply an “operation” (Operation Peace for the Galilee), Operation Defensive Shield had political goals far beyond that indicated by its modest “defensive” name. Under the guise of destroying the “infrastructure of terrorism,” Sharon (and his willing partner Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, the elected head of the… Read more »

Setting up Abbas

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From Sharon’s point of view it’s a done deal. Israel has won its century-old conflict with the Palestinians. Surveying the landscape – physical and political alike – the Israeli Prime Minister has finally fulfilled the task with which he was charged 38 years ago by Menachem Begin: ensure permanent Israel control over the entire Land… Read more »