Jerusalem Municipality demolishes 6 houses across East Jerusalem

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Yesterday, 13.7.10, the Jerusalem municipality demolished 6 houses in East Jerusalem claiming they were built illegaly, ignoring the fact the municipality makes it impossible for Palestinians to obtain permits in order to build legally. Three structures under construction and nearing completion were demolished in Isawiya, another inhabited house was demolished in the neighbourhood of Beit… Read more »

Civil Society as a Watchdog in the Current Negotiations

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  Civil society is a blunt instrument. As “public opinion” we form a vague background to government decision-making and as voters we have a broad – but only broad – effect on who is in power and what policies are pursued. Occasionally sections of us can be mobilized, less focused in the case of Glenn… Read more »

The Tent Protests in Israel: Can They Break out of the Zionist/Security/Neo-Liberal Box?

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The demonstrations currently roiling Israel constitute a grassroots challenge to Israel’s neo-liberal regime.  Beginning as an uprising of the middle classes – especially young people who have trouble finding affordable housing – it has spread to the working class, the poor and the Arab communities as well, though not the religious as yet. Many of… Read more »