Rebuilding on Saturday the 1st of April

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Come rebuild with families whose homes were demolished near Jerusalem, around the corner from Samuel’s tomb (Area C) On 16 November 2005, the Civil Administration demolished two Bedouin structures belonging to Zal Abu Dahuk, from the Jahalin Bedouin tribe. His three wives, Naife, Mary, and Amne, and his 17 children lived in one of the… Read more »

Series of House Demolitions in West Bank

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On 14 April 2010, the Israeli Defense Forces demolished multiple homes and commercial structures throughout the West Bank, indicating that a recent lull in demolitions may be coming to an end. In the village of Al Khadr in the Bethlehem Governorate, a two-storey home that housed a family of nine people, including a one year… Read more »

Mass demolitions in the Jordan Valley

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The IDF demolished the village of Al Farisyie yesterday in the Jordan Valley, destroying 74 structures and displacing 107 people.  The mass demolition included 26 residential tents; 22 animal shelters; 7 taboun ovens; 8 kitchens; 10 bathrooms and a shed used to store agricultural equipment. As a result at least 107 people, including 52 children,… Read more »

IDF demolishes further 13 structures in the West Bank

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In the community of Al Lubban Al Gharbi in the north-western Ramallah Governorate Israeli authorities demolished 10 structures belonging to 8 Palestinian families (80 people, including 38 children). According to OCHA this included 2 homes; 6 barracks and 1 tent used for various livelihood-related purposes; as well as the foundation of a house under construction. The 2 homes that… Read more »

Significant Rise in Demolitions Over Past Week

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The Displacement Working Group reports that in the past week since December 5th, 20 structures were demolished and at least 61 people displaced and left homeless.   In total, 1,051 people have been displaced this year, compared to 606 for the whole of 2010. More than 539 structures including 199 homes have been demolished.   … Read more »

Jordan Valley Sustains Demolitions, 52 Remain Homeless

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This passing week saw nine homes and six animal pans demolished and 52 people displaced in the Jordan Valley villages of Fasayil al-Wusta and al-Jiftlik.   On Tuesday March 13th five homes and six animal pans were demolished at Fasayil al-Wusta, displacing 30 people, including 20 children. This is the third time in recent months that… Read more »

Update: Imminent Displacement Risk in the Jerusalem Periphery

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*Update May 10th Below Palestinian residential structures in Area C of the the West Bank, east of Jerusalem, are under looming threat of immediate demolition. Structures include EU-funded residential structures provided in response to previous demolitions in the area. The Palestinian-Bedouin communities living in the hills to the east of Jerusalem are at an exceedingly growing… Read more »

Bedouin Community Demolished, Thirty People Displaced

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Five Arab al-Jahalin Bedouin Homes were demolished last night by Israeli authorities on the outskirts of Anata (Area C of the West Bank), displacing thirty people.   Last Night (Wednesday 6 July), at approximately 11:00pm Israeli authorities demolished five family homes in the Arab al-Jahalin Bedouin compound in Anata, northeast of Jerusalem. As a result… Read more »

Following Military Exercise, Settlers Seize Control of Jordan Valley Land

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Following extensive live-fire training conducted by Israeli forces in the north Jordan Valley, settlers of Ro’i seized control of 12 acres of land last week, east of Tubas.   The land now cultivated by the settlers was declared a closed military zone, and off-limits to Palestinians. earlier this month as part of routine military exercise… Read more »