Jordan Valley Matrix of Control Fact Sheet

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In November 2011, Israel expropriated 1.5 km2 of Palestinian land in the northern Jordan Valley and de-facto annexed the land to a Jewish community within Israel proper. This is considered the first instance of Palestinian land in the Occupied West Bank to be annexed to Israel, (excluding East Jerusalem) in defiance of international law.   In his May… Read more »

UN Special Rapporteur Condemns Israel of De-Facto Annexation of the West Bank

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Concluding a ten day visit to the region yesterday (Monday, February 20th), United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Prof. Richard Falk stated that “the information I received paints a picture of increasing efforts by Israel to deny Palestinians their right of self-determination. Ever-increasing and expanding Israeli settlements; ever-increasing confiscation of Palestinian land;… Read more »

Following Military Exercise, Settlers Seize Control of Jordan Valley Land

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Following extensive live-fire training conducted by Israeli forces in the north Jordan Valley, settlers of Ro’i seized control of 12 acres of land last week, east of Tubas.   The land now cultivated by the settlers was declared a closed military zone, and off-limits to Palestinians. earlier this month as part of routine military exercise… Read more »